H3o Architects Designs the Vibrant Tiberi Bar in Barcelona’s Poble Sec

Tiberi Bar, the first physical establishment by H3o Architects and Tiberi Club, is located in the vibrant neighborhood of Poble Sec in Barcelona. Spanning 82 m2, the bar aims to create a welcoming atmosphere that reflects the essence of Tiberi Club, which focuses on reinventing food-related rituals and fostering connections between strangers.

The centerpiece of the space is a central green marble bar with an irregular shape, encouraging chance encounters and serving as the focal point of the surrounding area. Visitors have the option to gather in groups around a large table or enjoy privacy at a cozy table adorned with curtains.

Tiberi Bar, Barcelona, ES. / H3o Architects and Tiberi Club

The interior design combines the sobriety of Northern European style with the traditional elements of Barcelona, resulting in a contrasting palette that includes Catalan vault finishes, exposed brick walls, pleated velvet curtains, stainless steel, wood, and marble.

Tiberi Bar, Barcelona, ES. / H3o Architects and Tiberi Club

The lighting design, with varying intensities and heights, along with the use of green velvet around the tables, sets the stage for the gastronomic experience offered by Tiberi Club. Mirrors strategically placed on the central column and other walls create a play of changing scenes, textures, and reflections, enhancing the sense of connection and preserving the nomadic collective’s essence.

Tiberi Bar, Barcelona, ES. / H3o Architects and Tiberi Club

Tiberi Bar offers a unique and unforgettable experience by blending together the old and the new, the warm and the fresh, creating an atmosphere that celebrates enjoyment, encounters, and gastronomy. The architecture of the bar plays a significant role in creating this distinct ambiance.

Image courtesy of José Hevia